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    7000+ Professional Lightroom Presets Bundle

    Professional and hobbyist photographers will love this enormous bundle of over 7,000 Lightroom presets, with a combined value of $550. You’ll get more than 80 different preset packs that give your photos just about any type of look you can imagine.

    This bundle includes presets for portraits, wedding photos, travel photos, landscapes, and more. You’ll get a wide variety of effects and styles like matte, cross processed, vintage, HDR, etc. Regardless of the subjects you photograph or your own personal style or preference, you’ll find plenty of presets in this bundle.

    Why you’ll love it:

    With this bundle, you’ll never need to buy or create another Lightroom preset. The variety that’s included covers you for just about any type of preset you could want. As a result, you’ll speed up your post processing and save money in the future.

    What's included:

    More than 7,000 Lightroom presets in .xmp format. Compatible with Lightroom 6 and Creative Cloud, for Mac and PC. For use on RAW and JPEG images.

    The bundle comes with an assortment of presets including:

    • Artistic Presets
    • Winter Presets
    • Dark Winter Presets
    • Duotone Presets
    • Fantasy Presets
    • Fashion Presets
    • Pastel Presets
    • Matte Presets
    • Travel Presets
    • Summer Love Presets
    • Color Correction Presets
    • Red Autumn Presets
    • Cross Process Effect Presets
    • HDR Romantic Presets
    • Unique HDR Presets
    • Night Life Presets
    • Night Shine Presets
    • Lovely Presets
    • Retro Presets
    • Sharp Presets
    • Pink Spring Presets
    • Summer Effect Presets
    • Sunny Days Presets
    • Food Presets
    • Cold Glow Presets
    • Glow Presets
    • Analog Film Presets
    • Nightfall Presets
    • Tropical Presets
    • Fairy Tale Presets
    • Family Presets
    • Love Story Presets
    • Northern Lights Presets
    • Procolor Presets
    • Skin Retouching Presets
    • Wedding Presets
    • Nature HDR Presets
    • Magic Forest Presets
    • Cool Sharp Presets
    • Flowering Spring Presets
    • Monochrome Portrait Presets
    • Moody Presets
    • Vintage Landscape Presets
    • Beach Presets
    • Lomo Presets
    • Dark and Moody Halloween Presets
    • Dreamy Presets
    • Modern Presets
    • Nostalgic Presets
    • Premium Presets
    • Wildlife Presets
    • Movie Presets
    • Cinematography HDR Presets
    • Fresh Morning Presets
    • Retro Cafe Presets
    • Mixed Effects Presets
    • Nostalgia Film Presets
    • Vintage and Retro Presets
    • Vintage Autumn Colors Presets
    • Dark Tale Presets
    • Instagram Presets
    • Urban Life Presets
    • Vintage Flowers Presets
    • Vintage Morning Presets
    • Landscape Drama Presets
    • Romance Presets
    • Wonderland Presets
    • Avantgarde Presets
    • Drama Presets
    • Winter Breath Presets
    • Sweet Presets
    • Glamour Presets
    • Winter Wonderland Presets
    • Dark Monochrome Presets
    • Light Leaks Presets
    • Halloween Time Presets
    • Artistic Presets
    • Winter Presets
    • Romantic Presets
    • Landscape HDR Presets
    • Black & White Presets
    • Portrait Presets
    • CInematic Presets
    • Vintage Presets

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